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– upam supports actions fighting against the globalization induced inequalities

– upam supports collective, locally and spontaneously organized actions, struggling for autonomy and the amelioration of life conditions for all

– upam has only two functions : giving organisationnal help and raising funds

– upam supports primarily actions in countries of the South

– upam is based solely on volunteering and has been active since 1992

– upam is based in Switzerland, between Geneva, Lausanne and Biel

actions in progress

medical infrastructure (laos)

water supply (laos II)

water supply (laos I)

 actions done

school (laos)

water supplying (nepal)

school bus (mongolia)

schools (myanmar)

handicap help center (russia III)

IT classes (india)

meetings about handicap (russia / switzerland)

inclusive theater (russia / switzerland)

IT classes (russia)

handicap help center (russia II)

handicap help center (russia I)

mentorship (russia)

school (albania)


every year, since 2017, upam organizes a solidarity music festival in Biel (CH) to support collective autonomous actions around the globe

edition 2019

edition 2018

edition 2017

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write us if you want to know more about the actions or if you want to take a look at the pictures

UPAM – Chemin du Curé-Desclouds 29, 1226, Thônex, Suisse