[Ongoing Project] Water for Laos

[Ongoing Project] Water for Laos

At the end of 2016, UPAM met Bernard and Dala Ponton, heads of the NGO ADV Laos. ADV Laos has been operating in Southern Laos since 2012, seeking to implement new development actions in the northern regions. As their ethics of action are very close to those of UPAM (Volunteering, Sustainability, Independence, Dialogue with the authorities, Refusal of corruption) it gave us the envy and the motivation to work with them.

Today the work of ADV is renowned in Laos and different groups of villagers or civil servants contact them directly to talk about their difficulties and the issues that they are facing when it comes to development. We see two reasons why a partnership seems promising. First, ADV is bilingual Franco-Laotian, and second, the country’s government, one of the poorest in the world, does not finance any infrastructure outside the four main cities of the country. ADV is in direct contact with people who do not hesitate to submit projects that are close to their heart.

The project “Water for Laos” is still under study and its file under construction. It targets the creation of a drinking water supply network for 5 villages located in 2 districts around the town of Oudom Xay. In concrete terms, the project aims at installing, for each village, a system delivering water by gravity (drawn and filtered from a nearby mountain source). With this system, the goal would be to make five fountains accessible to all and give the opportunity to the people to use several wet toilets.

During the month of February 2017, a team of ADV Laos will visit the region to meet with local authorities. This visit will give them a chance to prepare some work with the local people and identify specific needs or estimate costs.

The great advantage of this project is that it is supported by the local technical authorities, the Naam Sat. Moreover it provides training to villagers in the management of their water and infrastructure. With the support of local teams we believe we could help the people of this region to reach a real step forward for their autonomy and independence!




Total cost : 39’895 CHF 

Currently gathered : 21’500 CHF 

Donors : Fondation Croisier, Les amis lorrains du Laos, personal funds of ADV-Laos.

If you want to support this, feel free to contact us !


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Posted on: 30/01/2017Roberta

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