[Ongoing Project] Drinking Water for Kathmandu

[Ongoing Project] Drinking Water for Kathmandu

In the poor neighbourhoods of Kathmandu, the Phuntsok Choeling School is a home to 150 children. Indeed, it provides them with education, but the buildings are also a shelter and an access to decent hygiene. The series of earthquakes that struck Nepal during April and May 2015 had terrible direct consequences as well as indirect consequences that development aid should not underestimate.

More than 500 people from Langtang, the most affected by the earthquake, have taken refuge in the school grounds. They lived there 6 months in tents. Unfortunately, as in many other parts of Nepal, the fact that a large number of refugees moved has overloaded and damaged the infrastructure that was, in any case, not suitable for such a task.

This is precisely the case of the water purification system of the Phuntsok Choeling school, which has broken with the sudden increase in the number of its users. At the end of the summer of 2015, its septic tank began to leak, contaminating the surrounding water. The fact is that this table water is used daily by children and school staff for their hygiene and cooking. As the school is one of the only solid infrastructures in the area, a large proportion of the people living in the surroundings also used this water.

When we contacted them, the water they were drinking was completely contaminated: children and poor people were in a health emergency. Our project “Drinking water for Kathmandu” includes 2 different phases.

The first one is over. UPAM, the Association “Terre Pure”, a local partner, and the school worked together to install two filters and a dosing system on the pumping area. Two technical estimations were based on the expertise of a local company and a filtering system has been installed. This will ensure minimum hygiene conditions for children and the surrounding populations.


The total costs were of 2179,43 CHF and were paid directly by UPAM.

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Posted on: 30/01/2017Roberta

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