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A nursery school in southern Laos

Cost: 15’000 CHF

Funds: ADV Laos, UPAM, Lycée des Métiers d’Obernay

Laos is one of the 48 least developed countries in the world1 (HDI=0.586). The government’s infrastructure, whether schools, transportation networks or the health system, does not allow a large number of people to live with dignity. The country now trains many female teachers but does not have the necessary infrastructure to provide good schooling for an increasingly young population. Teachers’ salaries are paid by the State.

The small village of Ban Niang Phossi is located in Savanhaket province, on the Mekong plain. In rural areas, families live mainly from agriculture and manual labour. The village has a school with primary classes in good condition but two old nursery classes that are in danger of collapsing.  In addition to the danger, the roof and wooden structure currently make the courtyards impossible during the rainy season (6 months a year). A group of teachers and parents have organized themselves to do the work on a voluntary basis.

The funds of U-FEST 2018 made it possible to support them in their action, which aims to build the two nursery school classes and a reading room for the 50 pupils and 4 teachers of the village. The whole has been electrified and ventilated for the comfort of the children.

The school is made up of:

 – 2 classrooms of 36m2 each

– a 16m2 library

– a 16m2 outdoor reading area

Classrooms will be electrified and will have fans

The local manager: Mrs. Maï Southavong ensured the follow-up of the work and information. She has been in charge of administrative authorizations and project supervision for years. Mayor of the village of Ban Nateuy and head of the Niang Phossi village district. She has been fighting for several years now.

In February 2019, the school was completed and autonomous. In April 2019, the toilet construction site was completed.