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Ban Fang Than Gnaï Dispensary


Cost : 40’010 €

Funds : U-FEST 2019, ADV Laos

The project is a collective initiative organized around Bounthavy (27 years-old) in the remote village of Ban Fang Than Gnaï, in the region of Pakse, South Laos.

After building a school from scratch at the heart of the village, the collective set out to address the issue of health in their village by uniting their forces to build a new medical clinic. Among other things in their search for funding, they achieved to find a land plot for the building.

The dispensary should benefit to 12 nearby villages (comprising 10’000 people) which are currently lack any form of medical infrastructure. The dispensary is being built on a municipal land plot ; the budget and the construction work is managed by the municipal council and the women’s council of the village, as well as by the different village mayors in charge of the building site, under the supervision of Bounthavy.

The plans were created by an architect of the Lao Ministry of Health. Rotating teams of volunteers from the 12 villages contribute to the building of the dispensary. A team of specialized workers were mandated for the construction of the roof.

In order for the work to continue in good conditions, a well needed to be dug and electric connection to the network carried out with the installation of an electric meter on the building site. This step will allow for the setting up of the roof.

In December 2019, the construction of the dispensary’s toilets was completed by digging the septic tank by hand. The masonry work, assembly of the walls, interior and exterior, and of the double wall of the septic tank, was completed.

Once the electrification was completed, the building was inaugurated in January 2020.