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Access to water in Kathmandu

In the underprivileged districts of Kathmandu, Phuntsok Choeling School provides education, shelter and access to hygiene facilities for 150 children in boarding schools.

Project value : CHF 2179.43

UPAM’s own funds

The series of earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May 2015 had the terrible direct consequences we know today, but also indirect consequences.

More than 500 people from Langtang, the region most affected by the earthquake, have taken refuge in the school compound. They lived there for 6 months in tents. As in many other parts of Nepal, the displacement of large refugee populations has overloaded and damaged infrastructure that was not adapted to such an influx.

This is the case with the water purification system at Phuntsok Choeling School, which failed with the sudden increase in the number of users. At the end of summer 2015, its septic tank began to leak, contaminating the surrounding groundwater from which the water that children and school staff use for hygiene and nutrition comes.

This water was also used by a large part of the underprivileged populations living in the surrounding area, the school being one of the only solid infrastructures in the region.

The school was able to install two filters and a dosing system in the pumping area thanks to the fundraising. Two technical appraisals were carried out on the quotation of a local company and a filtering system was installed. The pumps are now viable and autonomous, ensuring minimum hygiene conditions for children and the surrounding population.