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Computer classes in the Urals

Conducted in 2002, the Ural Project aimed to equip 3 schools in the Russian Urals (3 disadvantaged cities: Tarda, Turinsk and Irbit) with computers and teaching materials. 53 workstations and 6 printers were installed in the schools for teaching and professional integration purposes.

Project value: CHF. 10’500.-

Funds: State of Geneva

In 2002, a deputy of the Ekaterinburg State Duma launched a project to provide three Urals schools with computer equipment for educational purposes. This project benefited three municipalities with an average population of 60,000 inhabitants, Tavda, Tourinsk and Irbit, located northeast of Ekaterinburg, Western Siberia.

It is a region that suffers from the market economy that is imposed on it and where most industries fail. In each of these cities there are at least three homes, catering for a total of nearly 400 children. They are entirely the responsibility of the community and often lack the minimum necessary. The buildings are old, teaching materials are inadequate or non-existent.

In January and February 2002, the project manager was on site in Tavda, where he made the necessary contacts to carry out the project. He was also able to contact the Réalise association in Geneva, which provided the computers, as well as the Swiss Red Cross, which provided 40 monitors. From March to July of the same year, the computers were prepared in Geneva. All this was entrusted to a professional carrier.

At the last visit in May 2003, the IT classes were operational.