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Meetings on disability

From 10 to 23 September 2007, 6 Russian children, each accompanied by one of their parents involved in a collective, were welcomed by Valaisan groups working on disability issues. The exchange was intended to be rich for the children and for the parents, who were able to bring new techniques and innovative ideas back to Russia.

Project value: CHF 54,545

Funds: SM Charity Foundation, Krasnoyarsk / Fondation Pro Victimis, Geneva / Loterie Romande, Valais section / State of Valais / Municipality of Grimisuat (VS) / Banque RaiffeisenValais / private donations

The objective of this project was to invite several Russian children with disabilities and their parents to Valais and then to put them in contact with Swiss collectives active in the field of disability (“Cérébral Valais” and “ASA Valais”). During this stay, a whole series of fun, educational and therapeutic activities were organized.

In addition to the occasional therapeutic activities, the main objective of this camp was to encourage encounters and exchanges and mutual stimulation. The Russian participants came from three centres with which we worked in Russia, so even before meeting the Swiss groups, our partners from Dagestan, Krasnoyarsk and Altai met in Moscow and began to compare their situations and share their experiences.

This sharing then continued in Switzerland, where our Russian partners discovered a model of integration of the disabled into the life of the city that they did not know and that gave them many ideas. They were also able to visit specialized institutions and discover techniques they had never heard of before. Most importantly, all of you have experienced living for two weeks with people who share their daily concerns, and have developed their own solutions to the problems they face.