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How can we remain spectators of the damage caused by an increasingly unequal globalization?

UPAM is a voluntary collective, based in French-speaking Switzerland (between Lausanne, Geneva and Bienne), active since 1992.

UPAM aims to create direct solidarity initiatives. It intends to support spontaneously organized collectives in the countries of the South that are fighting for their autonomy and the improvement of the living conditions of all.

UPAM has a limited means of action and intends to propose alternatives that challenge the entrepreneurial functioning of large development aid NGOs. To this end, UPAM offers organizational assistance to collectives that so desire, but first and foremost proposes to put its energy into fundraising. This modest and anti-interventionist objective recognizes the West’s responsibility for inequalities in the distribution of global wealth.

Generally, autonomy and economic and social encapacitation are struggles for which the collectives involved first and foremost need funds, because local situations constrain them financially.

As a voluntary entity, UPAM does not set itself the goal of setting up large-scale plans or programmes, but rather try to take the time to support projects at local level, always spontaneously organised and aimed at autonomy and sustainability. In this sense, UPAM favours initiatives designed to be sustainable. It is particularly important that initiatives include a self-education and self-training component to ensure the sustainability of the installations or systems set up.